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Lawalu has succeeded in establishing a reputation and a unique design within a very short space of time. Clever products for newly born babies have made Lawalu one of the most popular ‘Made in Germany’ newcomer brands in the sector.


Be it in solid wood or friendly, contrasting colours – Lawalu delights parents in a stylish and yet natural way. Lawalu also combines Geuther‘s longstanding experience with the vigour of a fresh and modern brand.


During the development of new products, Lawalu designers always pose the following questions: How can the product be optimally integrated into its new home? How do the products feel in day to day use? How does the child feel about it? And how does the product promote the parent–child relationship?


Lawalu is also so successful because, with a passion for detail, the designers succeed in channelling all their personal experience and emotions associated with children into their products.


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