The unique of children‘s furniture

Furniture that is meant for children represents a particular challenge to the product designer, as function and emotion come together here as nowhere else. Such a product must be useful in a practical sense, of course – there is no question about that. But good children‘s furniture does more. It expresses an entire world of feeling. It can be seen as the open embrace of a parent, welcoming the children to their house and their life.

We have a whole team of designers focusing on these special aspects in the design of children‘s furniture. Naturally we observe the market, our customers and their consumer behaviour as well as keeping an eye on new trends and megatrends. But the crucial thing that makes us different in comparison with other suppliers is probably something that is not visible at first glance – namely the quality of the work, thanks to a hundred years of experience in the production of children‘s furniture. Many of our employees have been with us for thirty years or more.


So all our children‘s furniture bears the Geuther signature – an unmistakable design with a clear formal idiom, worked to the highest standards of quality. We have comparatively few customer complaints about our products. This calls for a special degree of care in the production. And we have set ourselves standards in this connection which go beyond statutory requirements. Edges, for instance, are not allowed to be narrower than 2 mm, as a matter of principle – otherwise, in our view, the risk of injury would be too great. Nor do we shy away from the expense of patent research and patent registration. Our Easylock solution for door gates and stair gates has been patented – easy for adults to open, but completely child-secure. Naturally this new development owed a lot to our product expertise. It is no accident that we are among Europe‘s major suppliers of door gates and stair gates.


But that is not all: the balance of tradition and creativity, of classicism and trendiness, must also be taken into account. That way your furniture will continue to be a pleasure to look at in future from day to day.